Arborio Rice

Rice is formed for about 90% of starchy substances, for 7% – 8% of protein, for 0,4 – 0,6% of lipids, for 0,4 – 0,5% of crude fiber,
for 0,3 – 0,6% of mineral salts, and it is recognized as complete food, bearer of calories. The proteins in rice are among the
cereals, the best for the degree of assimilation. From a dietary point of view, rice is very popular for its high degree of
digestibility. In fact our body assimilates within 60 – 100 minutes. Basic ingredient for risotto.
Arborio Rice – Long Grain “A”
Description: Among the Italian rice is one that has the largest grain and most pearl. The size of the grain are: 7 mm x 3.5 mm,
with flat sides and a tooth well accentuated. Thanks to its structure is a grain that well absorbs any type of seasoning. Whitish
color, t absence of strip.

Packaging: 6x1000g nw

Weight (kg): 6,33

Volume (m³): 0,0095

Ean Code: 8000066449180

Cooking Time: 16/18 min.

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