Mara Foods

Mara Foods is the brand with which we bring Italian goodness to the world. A wide range of products in Ho-Re.Ca and Retail formats.

Mara Coffee

Mara Caffè offers Coffee and Bakery products: the high quality of Italian tradition!


Alicom srl was founded in 1990 in southern Italy, in the heart of the Mediterranean area. Since that time it has exported abroad: macaroni, tomatoes, beans and peas. Mara is a constant screening of the goodness production in the territory, search for food traditions unknown to the mass market and controls daily which guarantee the genuines.
Alicom unique selling proposition is at the top end for its products, prices and services. Indeed thanks its references Alicom is specialized in three channels: Ho.Re.Ca., Retail and Wholesale. It is exporting world wide.
Mara brand is in continuous development.